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A guide for parents and families with Special Babies from birth to 2 years old
Special Babies Have "Special Needs"
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Introduction Special Babies Have "Special Needs" Describing Your Baby Doctors Other Health Professionals Hospitals Caring for Special Babies at Home Daily Living with your Special Baby Services for Special Babies The St.Joseph's Hospital Community Resource Manual
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Advocate - a person who pleads for, argues or speaks on behalf of another.

Arching back - bending the head far back and stiffening the body so the back forms an arch-shaped curve.

Assertive - positive, certain, confident about one's rights and claims.

Bronchopulmonary Dysplasia - a medical diagnosis that involves more than normal development of tissue (dysplasia) in the lungs, its large branches (bronchi) and small branches (bronchioles).

Cardiac - having to do with the heart.

Cerebral Palsy - a medical diagnosis. The nervous system is injured from birth. Motor power and coordination is defective.

Chromosome - parts of the body cells that carry the genes that determine all the characteristics you inherit and how you grow and develop.  A body in the cell nucleus that carries the genes.
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Chronic - of long duration, lasting a long time.

Cleft Lip and Palate - a congenital defect in the lip and the roof of the mouth (palate) due to incomplete development in the womb.

Colostomy - a surgical opening into the colon or large bowel; used to replace the body's usual opening (anus).

Congenital - any condition that exists at the time or before birth.

Congenital Heart Disease - a medical diagnosis.  A heart problem that is present at the time of or before birth.

Constipation - bowel movements are hard, difficult, fewer than usual.

Developmental Delay - slow or stopped development because of a physical or mental problem that was inherited or caused by an injury or something missing when the baby was developing in the womb.

Developmental Handicap - a condition that interferes with a person's ability to develop, grow or function the same as other people their age.
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Diagnosis - a description of a medical condition or problem.

Down Syndrome - a medical diagnosis also known as Mongolism as the face shape is like the Mongolian race.  Genetic condition associated with a tripled or transformed chromosome.  Mental and physical growth may be slow.  Trisomy 21.  Heart problems are often present.

Floppy or Limp Posture - there is no tone in the muscles, they are limp or soft, unable to support sitting or standing.  Often due to a problem with the nerves that supply the muscles.

Gene - the part of the chromosome that determines the nature and development of any characteristic you inherit.  Genes occupy a specific place on a chromosome.  Genes reproduce themselves exactly at each cell division.

Genetic Traits - the factors you inherit that determine your physical and mental make-up and development.

Intravenous Line - a tube put within a vein and used to put fluids and drugs into the blood system.

Neonatal - the period during the first month of life.
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Neonatologist - a doctor who specializes in caring for babies during their first month of life or babies who are born prematurely before they are fully developed.

Neurology - a study of the nervous system.  A neurologist is a doctor who specializes in caring for people who have medical problems within their nervous systems.

Orthopedic - study of diseases that cause deformities in bones and joints and their correction.

Pediatricians - a doctor that specializes in diseases in children.

Premature - happens before it should; a premature infant that is born before it should be or before it is fully developed.

Respiratory Monitor - a machine (monitor) keeps track of how the person is breathing and sets off an alarm when something goes wrong so the person can be helped immediately.

Seizures - convulsions, come on suddenly and take control of a body.  The muscles have severe spasms and contractions or tightenings.
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Stool - waste matter passed during a bowel movement.  Poo.

Tracheostomy - a surgical opening into the trachea or breathing canal, kept open with a tube.  Used to let air into the lungs when there is something wrong with the person's ability to breathe.

Trisomy - genetic problem; abnormal chromosome divisions.  State when a person or cell has an extra chromosome instead of the normal pair.
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